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2007plusMOV04744 (3406)Wendy Williamson is an international education consultant and author.  She has lived and worked on four different continents and speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

She is the author of Love Evil: To whom my heart falls prey, Study Abroad 101, and several articles published in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Wendy graduated from Indiana University and Western Michigan University and now lives in Saint Joseph, Michigan, with her family.

In her younger years, Wendy was an accomplished martial artist and instructor. She wrote Christian Martial Arts 101 and Martial Arts: The Christian Way to supplement Christ-centered martial arts instruction and ministry.

In addition to writing, she enjoys gardening, traveling, spending time with loved ones, meeting new people, exploring the great outdoors, balanced living, and slow food.

Me and my family in Quito, Ecuador

Wendy and her family in Quito, Ecuador

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  1. “Love Evil” is a amazing book that teaches you about the Word and African cultures. Some scenes made me laugh and others almost made me cry. The book takes you on an epic adventure you will remember for a long time. I literally could not put it down; I read it in one sitting.

    Salome W.
    11-year old reader who loves adventure and fantasy books

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