Wendy Williamson in Cinque Terre

Wendy Williamson in Cinque Terre, Italy (2012)

International education consulting services for universities and institutes around the world include: strategic planning, campus internationalization, all areas of study abroad management and leadership, startups, international relationships, quality-driven program development, community collaborations, exchange agreements, faculty and staff development, faculty-led programs and procedures, student recruitment (U.S. and international), evaluation and assessment, accreditation for non-U.S. institutions, risk management, devising solutions to complex programs, and more.

In addition to a record of excellence, and 15 years of professional experience as a study abroad leader and international education consultant, I have extensive cross-cultural knowledge and skills, and I speak French, Spanish, and Italian. My overseas experience includes four years of duty with the U.S. Peace Corps in Cameroon and Ecuador, a recent two-year consultancy in Italy, as well as short-term site visits to numerous countries around the world. I have a network of professional contacts spanning six continents in 56 countries. In 2004, I authored Study Abroad 101, a best-selling guidebook for college students considering an international learning experience, now in its third edition (2016). I’ve also authored several articles about study abroad in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

7 Signs of Successful Study-Abroad Programs

Study Abroad: Revenue Drain or Stream?

In Study Abroad, Simple Is Sophisticated

The Quest for Collaboration in Study Abroad

Additional Publishing and Website Projects:

If you are interested in my services or you would like a copy of my CV, please contact me at wendy [at] agapy.com.

Wendy Williamson