A new documentary in all major languages: Planet Lockdown

I wanted to call your attention to a new international film documentary that was released called Planet Lockdown, in all major languages. It provides perspective from a variety of experts around the world, with different backgrounds and experience. It does not cover the efficacy of the vaccines. It is apolitical and humanitarian.

For the record, I’d also like to point out that I’m not against vaccinations. I am against injecting people without full transparent disclosure of and individual acceptance of risks. I am against one-size-fits-all regulations mandating injections into the body. I am against the censorship of experts and suppressing their professional concerns and ideas. I am against politicians overriding medical doctors. I’m against blaming the unvaccinated and taxing them. I am against vaccine passports. I am against mandatory testing of asymptomatic people that have not been exposed. I am against propaganda. And I am against totalitarianism in all its forms, no matter what.

Conspiracy Theory is defined as a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. According to this definition, I am a believer in some conspiracy. Note: many “conspiracy theories” have proven true over time. The media has portrayed conspiracy theory in a negative light, but not all conspiracy theorists are alike, no more than all Black people are alike, or all women are alike, etc. That’s a stereotype. The media is creating and spreading negative stereotypes about all conspiracy theorists, when in fact there are a whole array of thoughts and ideas behind this category.

Some of you have asked me what I believe. I don’t believe the pandemic was an accident. I do believe it’s part of The Great Reset. It pisses me off when malicious people publish studies that are not well done or researched, and then I quickly, without thinking, pass that information forward, only later to find out that it’s screwy. So I apologize if I’ve done that from time to time. In every category of people you have those who are taking advantage of others and monetizing, including big pharma. That’s not me. I only do what I do because I care about others. Never made a dollar from any of this.

In this age of personal data collection and thought control, don’t be so quick to categorize and judge all conspiracy theorists as evil. That’s a toxic stereotype which divides us all, and if you’re doing this, then you’re letting the media control your thinking and narrow your mind. I am a good person, and not dumb because I don’t believe everything you do. I have many good reasons to believe what I do. And none of those reasons ever had to do with politics or coercion. My only mistake, sometimes, is I see a piece of information that seems to validate my thinking and then it ends up embarrassing me when I get into the details. I sent or posted too soon.

This doesn’t invalidate my ideas, and it doesn’t mean I should be comfortable with any part of what’s been going on in society for the past several years. Nor does it mean that I should be comfortable putting anything in my body that is produced by people I don’t trust, in a corrupt system that I do not trust. The narrative is constantly changing. We have the biggest wealth gap in history; a small number of people own just about everything from a stock and investment point of view. The financial system is on the verge of collapse, and I was saying this long before Covid. When the Repo crisis happened in September 2019, followed by the US-China trade agreement and the pandemic, I knew something else was going on, because I understand how governments, corporate elites, and central bankers operate: covertly.

Another reason why I’m suspicious is because I took an Ethics course in graduate school, and I’ve seen all kinds of ethical dilemmas and frauds in this mind-boggling period of modern alchemy where everyone thinks we can get something out of nothing. I’m a Christ-follower. I like Carl Jung and Heraclitus and believe in cycles and enantiodromia, and what I see is all validating my world view and initial perspective on what’s happening. The Great Reset is real; not conspiracy. The WEF has books and lots of info about it. We are on the verge on an energy crisis. The debt and financial obligations are insane. U.S. dependency on its “enemies” is also mind-boggling. Read this whitepaper about how China owns us and then let’s talk about that trade agreement. The markets are ridiculous. I could go on and on.

Interest rates are zero…and I know that financialization cannot drop lower than zero without everything changing. I don’t know what’s going on exactly, I can only speculate, just like some of you speculate in the stock and bond markets, crypto, or gold and silver. I can only see through my own eyes and experience in life, and that’s why it bothers me so much that we cannot talk openly about certain things. Censorship actually fuels mistrust, in a very big way. But intelligence already knows this according to the research Making Censorship Backfire, which begs the question, “Why are they doing it?” A lot of people have trust issues now, and money invested into mental health and trust-building, en lieu of fear mongering and mandates would be a better approach. Are they trying to divide people? Is this intentional? Any thinking human being is propelled to go deeper.


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