An Interview with Mr. G.

Today, I’m taking a different approach to getting real. I interviewed a good friend of mine, Mr. G, who will remain anonymous. I decided to stream this live on my Facebook page rather than take it to a private group.

Mr. G’s biography is impressive…

-Ivy League college graduate (Yale)

-Finance MBA from top business school

-4 decades of professional experience in capital markets

-Worked at several top Wall Street firms

-Former manager at a London based hedge fund

-Ran an independent institutional research brokerage business for 10 years

-Held Guinness world record for highest single year investment return for a managed equity fund over $50M

-$100M on one trade, retired at age 42

We talked about the stock and bond markets, cryptos, the dollar, the debt, gold, bitcoin, monetary history, systemic risk, inflation, and much more! It’s long, but you don’t want to miss this. And you can ask questions in the comments section, even now, after it has ended.

Since this was done LIVE, there are no edits. As expected, there were some phone call drops and other snafus, but I think it all worked out alright. Please comment on the Facebook videos, LIKE them, and SHARE. You never know whom it might help. Spread all love! Don’t hoard it. Thanks for tuning in.

Part 1: Interview with Mr. G. At the cut-off point, just hop over to Part 2.

Part 2: Interview with Mr. G…sorry we got disconnected before.
After this, a pot of coffee, and two green smoothies, I took a nice run along the beach. Now I’m eating something and will do circuit training and yoga next. Stay healthy. Be strong. Pura vida. Shalom. Be real, the person you were born to be. Help others with your knowledge and gifts. And love, love, love.

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