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    Il Male dell’Amore

    Love Evil: An extraordinary journey of the heart, was just released in Italian… Agapy e’ orgogliosa di annunciare l’uscita di un nuovo romanzo: “eccezionale, sofisticato, affascinate” nella recensione di ForeWord Reviews (5 stelle). Un nuovo Codice Da Vinci con la sensibilita’ sentimentale di Nicholas Sparks. Psicologia e mitologia si fondono nel viaggio spirituale di una donna inquieta. Sarah parte per il Camerun, nell’Africa occidentale, come volontaria nei Corpi di Pace. Mentre alloggia con una donna camerunese per il periodo di formazione, si trova di fronte a differenze culturali, credenze animistiche e a una predizione della propria morte. Quando Daniel Lumiel, un francese che incontra mentre è in viaggio, porta un…

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    Study Abroad 101

    The third edition of Study Abroad 101 by Wendy Williamson was released this week. This popular guidebook provides what U.S. high school and college students need to know about studying abroad, from before they select a program to after they return, through 101 easy-to-navigate sections. Used by education abroad advisors, teachers, and professors for more than a decade. In addition to a record of excellence, and sixteen years of professional experience as a study abroad leader and business consultant, Wendy Williamson has lived and worked on four different continents. She speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Her fiction debut, Love Evil: To whom my heart falls prey was rated 5…

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    The Wise World Traveler

    James E. Harf and Lawrence J. R. Herson co-authored an exciting new book that just released: The Wise World Traveler (ISBN 978-1938522017). James E. Harf is Associate Vice President and Director at Maryville University of Saint Louis and father of Marie Harf, Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department and a former spokesperson for the Central Intelligence Agency. Larry J. R. Herson was a well-published author in six languages who was a decorated combat meteorologist in the South Pacific Theater during World War II as a young man.  Since retiring from Ohio State two decades ago, Herson spent his time as a lecturer on very exclusive cruise ships calling on ports…

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    Love Evil: An extraordinary journey of the heart

    “Outstanding, sophisticated, and mesmerizing…a spiritual intrigue similar to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.” —ForeWord Clarion Reviews After graduating from college, Sarah Freedman moves to Africa. Volunteering for the Peace Corps seems like the perfect job for an adventurous young woman, until the exotic Cameroonian culture wrenches her mind. A death omen mysteriously unfolds in Sarah’s life, and she doesn’t know why or how to stop it. Anguished, she flees Cameroon to go see the only man who can give her answers. A fierce psychological romance ensues, as the man convinces Sarah that they were made for each other and leads her on a quest to uncover the intelligence of…

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    College Abroad

    This book by Holly Oberle is about how to get an international education, a degree, and a new perspective on life and the world. It’s for high school and college students who are interested in pursuing a degree abroad in addition to or en lieu of a study abroad experience. It covers everything you need to know about going to college in another country, from before you choose a program to after you return, for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Reviews Association of Global Universities (AGU) Melibee’s Maria Snyder

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    Martial Arts Games and Activities for Children

    This book is out of print, but you can still find it on Amazon. One of the biggest challenges to becoming a successful martial arts instructor is keeping your students motivated. Countless repetitions of basic techniques are vital to building competent skills; however, they often become tiresome and boring to children. It’s time to increase student retention rates, and make learning fun! This manual contains 59 highly creative, fun, and exciting games and activities that have broad appeal to train and entertain young students between 4 and 16 years of age, regardless of style or rank. These creative games are presented in 7 main categories: Kick / Punch Games Balance…

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    Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts

    This book has been removed from distribution channels, but if you’d like to buy it POD (Print on Demand), we will offer you a competitive price. Please contact us.  Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts by Rev. J. Brown is a compilation of Master Brown’s wisdom from both teaching karate and working in Christian ministry. These life lessons convey a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach to healthy living. While the benefits are usually clear, the wisdom of martial arts is generally a mystery. Master Brown does a wonderful job of unveiling this wisdom and helping students apply it to their lives. His fun-loving sense of humor make this book easy…

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    Christian Martial Arts 101

    In Christian Martial Arts 101, Wendy Williamson presents 101 Bible lessons for Christ-centered martial artists to be used with any Christian martial arts curriculum. The Pledge I pledge allegiance to my Lord, Jesus Christ, and to the love for which He stands … one Savior, everlasting, indivisible with forgiveness and mercy for all. ~Amen Salvation and Eternal Life We personally accept salvation and eternal life. Because of sin, people were separated and cut off from God; the only way back to Him and eternal life is through Christ. Jesus Christ is the only truth, way, and life; He is the only true Master who ever walked earth. Physical-Mental-Spiritual We love…

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    Faculty-led 360: Guide to Successful Study Abroad

    Leading a study abroad program can be one of the most exciting, rewarding, and pivotal experiences of your career. But the details can tend to get a bit overwhelming. Field trainers, Melanie McCallon and Bill Holmes have helped numerous universities and professors navigate the path to successful study abroad. If you are interested in developing and leading a travel-study course or international academic program, Faculty-led 360 will help you get there.

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    Martial Arts: The Christian Way

    Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Christian martial arts is found in Martial Arts: The Christian Way. “In Martial Arts: The Christian Way, Wendy Williamson presents an exciting concept that strengthens children’s bodies, minds, and souls and helps us to raise capable, disciplined, Christian leaders. If you are a parent, minister, or teacher, this book should be your constant reference.” –Joseph B. Lumpkin, best selling author of numerous Christian books and texts such as The Lost Book of Enoch: Comprehensive Transliteration of the Forgotten Book of the Bible and The Book of Jubilees; The Little Genesis, The Apocalypse of Moses All Christian parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, and…

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