Bookmarks – Health and Policy

This list is a collection of resources that made me think outside the box and/or taught me something valuable. It doesn’t mean that I completely agree with the person or people or message. I make no assertion regarding the validity of any of it…that’s on you.

Transhumanism: the big fraud-towards digital slavery

The transhumanists who are ‘upgrading’ their bodies

Dr. Judy Mikovits & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Q + A @ Godspeak Calvary Chapel

Public Health Committee Public Hearing on proposed legislation concerning immunizations

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19


The insidious face of a pandemic of variants. It’s not looking good. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

This is what is preventing many people from getting vaccinated – Think about it. Research it. Debunk it

The Vaccine Death Report (this shook me, and it’s rather extreme, but it made me think, and I hope its not true)

Nobel Prize Winner Professor Luc Montagnier Says Vaccine Is Creating Variants

Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier – Warns Covid Vaccine May Lead to ‘Neurodegenerative Illness’

Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer VP): A FINAL WARNING TO HUMANITY

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports

Episode 16 – American Conversations With Vaccine Injured – Interview With ‘Anne’ (powerful and sad)

Federal Register, June 1, 1984…scroll to page 255. Read the end of the first column and the beginning of the second. It basically says that any well-founded doubts about the safety of vaccines cannot be allowed to exist, and it states why.

Is Big Pharma lobby blocking treatments? | Rajiv Malhotra & Dr. Pierre Kory FLCCC

Dr. Stephanie Seneff on the Toxic Legacy of glyphosate and concerns with mRNA technology

Dr. Robert Malone, The Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley, 8-10-2021

Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide — Something to help with viruses?

Worse than the disease? Reviewing some possible unintended consequences of mRNA vaccines against Covid-19 with Dr. Stephanie Seneff who is someone I have followed for a long time

All Americans must listen to what Doctor Vladimir Zelenko has to say

Bret Weinstein and Pierre Kory 2021-06-01 that got removed from Youtube

Watch 1-Hour Version of Censored Interview with Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology

A manufactured illusion. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 9-7-21 (Or the Youtube version)


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