Facebook: A social ecosystem of my people

Facebook is truly one of the most fascinating social experiments of my lifetime. I have everyone here, from throughout my history… high school, colleges, jobs, Peace Corps, international travels, film directors, university presidents, actors, musicians, politicians, doctors, lawyers, migrant workers, writers, and so on. Basically everyone who has been in my life who has a Facebook account is with me here, so it is a social ecosystem of my people, unique to me. Some think FB is for fun; others use it to enhance their public persona; others use it as a platform for politics; others use it to have a voice or to sell stuff. It’s amazing all the communication that happens here.

For me…hmmmmmm, it has been an evolution of things over time. But now it is a test of courage in removing my masks. Don’t get excited because I’m not talking about pandemic masks! There’s a face you show to your colleagues and it’s different from who you are with your college friends or your relatives or your teachers, or your kids, etc. I sort-of just decided that I didn’t want to wear personal face masks anymore. I didn’t have to have different faces for different people, and decided to just try to be me and be real, showing the same vulnerable, confused and confident Wendy to everyone. It has taken a lot of courage at times. The pushback is strong. People are comfortable with masks and they get really anxious and upset when someone takes theirs off.

Newsflash……we are all human BEINGS (not human doings). We are not our own gods. We all make lots of mistakes. We all get broken. We are all vulnerable. We all need love. That’s what I’m about now, and that’s where I’m going here and with my blog, in case you were wondering. My new business does not require clever marketing skills; it’s not about building a brand; not how to get more for less or advance my career, or get yield… it’s about becoming more and more of me, the person I was born to be, and letting you see this imperfect person I am. It’s about getting real and ditching what’s not. That’s my calling at this time, and it’s a very strong one.

If you follow me, if you are really a “friend,” then you won’t judge me or my choice in doing this. You’ll notice that I’m kind-of all over the place, and it’s because I’m multi-dimensional and deep. I’m not in anyone’s club, not boring, and you can’t put me in a category or a box. I realize this makes people nervous because they like to categorize. My behavior here is intentional and impromptu. Many people will stand back and just watch and listen from far, and many won’t get me. Sometimes it hurts, but it has to be okay because this is my calling now. Deep down, I don’t really need everyone to “get me” anymore anyway… just a few people who understand and support me goes a long way.

Facebook can be exhausting, and I’ve known a lot of people who don’t want to be on it or need frequent breaks. All the masks and faces together create a lot of noise. It’s time to get real though, and Facebook is a good way to start that process. I’ve been coming into my self gradually. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, through my own awakening. And with my background, I’m qualified for the job. Behind every mask there is a human being and a story and somehow in some way it’s connected to you. “Be curious, not judgmental.” —Walt Whitman. It feels really good to let your roots sink down into the earth, to let your branches reach out and touch people. That’s what I intend to do with the rest of my life and it’s liberating.


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