Let’s not lose touch…

Hi! Let’s not lose touch, okay? Just want you to know, I’m no longer publishing posts on agapy.com (unless Agapy announces a new book release) or on goldenmusings.com, because I finally acquired my name in the form of a URL: WendyWilliamson.com. Yay!

If you didn’t get my latest post in your inbox, please come on over and subscribe. It’ll only take a minute to sign up. Hope you enjoyed your summer (or winter if you live in the southern hemisphere). I’m soaking up the last month of nice temperatures along Lake Michigan.

Life is good! I’m gonna keep blogging about all kinds of fun things and thought-provoking nuances, and well as places I visit. My last trip was to the Azores, and before that, I spent almost a month in Thailand. I hope you join me in my journey as a writer, traveler, and truth seeker.

Kia ora! Pura vida! Stay well and strong.

Yours truly,


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