Naturalize Your Life (video)

Good morning! Doing things a little differently here…video. This is the first video post in my “Let’s Get Real” series, recorded live on Facebook.


  • Introduction
  • Warning
  • My Health-Pain Story
  • My Health Philosophy (Hippocrates)
  • What are we? (11 elements make up life)
  • What Science tells us (very basic)
  • Symbiosis and Society (everything being symbiotic)
    • Mutualism vs. Commensalism vs. Parasitism
    • Parasites are a disease, not natural
    • Who are they?
    • The Ouroboros in a world built on imperialism and slavery
  • Let’s get real!
    • GMO foods, sugar, chemicals, sedentary life, radiation, EMFs, contaminated water, depleted soil, stress, meaningless work, opioids, depression, suicide, addiction, on and on…
    • We need to DETOXIFY the parasites in our society and in our life, and this is no easy task after thousands of years. “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” –Gandhi
  • The only human-spiritual being who ever operated completely in mutualism, both during and after his life, was Jesus. 1 John 4:16 “God is love.” And love is the only weapon we have against parasites (self love-care and love of other people)
  • Curiously, the most famous parasite in literature is Lucifer or Satan. Parasitic symbiosis is the great sickness that we inflict on ourselves, which ends in our own demise
  • What I have learned
  • What I am doing to love and care for myself and get closer to mutual symbiosis

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