My name is Wendy Williamson, and I’m the founder of Agapy. A long time ago, I was a martial arts instructor. I put together a manuscript called Martial Arts: The Christian Way and sought out to get it published. After sending a few copies in the mail, I was told by a renown book publisher that my manuscript was excellent, but the market was too small and no traditional publisher would take it on. At the time I didn’t care about its profitability. I didn’t write it to make money; I wrote it to explain something that I thought was important. So it was frustrating to say the least. Determined to get my message into print, I borrowed some books from the library and taught myself about publishing. This was before the boom in self-publishing. I opened a publishing company and produced my first book and then another, and then I started publishing the work of my colleagues in international education and martial arts. Today, Agapy is a small collection of book titles and websites that I’ve produced over the last twenty years. Any titles that are no longer being distributed through bookstores can still be ordered directly from us in bulk. Agapy is not accepting new authors because I’m working on a memoir, and I’ve taken up a few new hobbies that keep me engaged and growing. I hope you enjoy our books and websites. Thank you for stopping by.

Love Evil: An extraordinary journey of the heart is my fiction debut (based on real life experiences). It received a 5/5 star glowing review from ForeWord and much praise from readers. At the moment, it is only available through Kindle, but I can order you a print copy if you’d like. Feel free to send me an email.

“Outstanding, sophisticated, and mesmerizing…a spiritual intrigue similar to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.” —ForeWord Clarion Reviews


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