Study Abroad 101

The third edition of Study Abroad 101Study Abroad 101 by Wendy Williamson was released this week. This popular guidebook provides what U.S. high school and college students need to know about studying abroad, from before they select a program to after they return, through 101 easy-to-navigate sections. Used by education abroad advisors, teachers, and professors for more than a decade.

In addition to a record of excellence, and sixteen years of professional experience as a study abroad leader and business consultant, Wendy Williamson has lived and worked on four different continents. She speaks English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Her fiction debut, Love Evil: To whom my heart falls prey was rated 5 stars by Foreword Reviews, who called it “outstanding, sophisticated, mesmerizing.” She also authored several articles about study abroad in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“Study Abroad 101 by Wendy Williamson is a brilliantly conceived and expertly presented introduction providing specific, concise, informed and informative answers to 101 direct questions about studying abroad” —from the 2004 review of the First Edition from Midwest Book Review

Study Abroad 101 comes in kindle ebook ($9.99) and trade print ($19.99), both to release this week. For a limited time, it is available in the Kindle Unlimited choice books, on for $0.00. To access links directly, visit


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