Who am I?

I am Wendy, a thinking woman. Agapy is where I extract whatever I’m mulling around inside the fatty glob under my skull, which looks like hamburger but is not. Something between a notebook and a journal, Agapy is where I put down some of what magically appears in this mysterious glob. It’s some of the electrical signals that make me Wendy Williamson, some of the notes that make my song, and some of the words that create my story. It’s a form of light shining out of darkness within.

My blog may or not be relevant to you, but I’m writing nonetheless. I write for the pleasure of writing, and I guess that’s what makes me an author. Some of my pieces include Love Evil: An extraordinary journey of the heart (available in English and Italian), Study Abroad 101, Study Abroad Map: The complete student guide to college beyond the USA, two Christ-centered martial arts books (now out of print), and several articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education. I’m working on a new manuscript, but there’s something missing which I haven’t been able to extract and articulate. For now, I consider the journey more important than the destination. Thank you for being a part of my journey and helping me sort out my humanity through yours.


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